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Solar Protection and Window Tint:

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The sun today is more intense than years ago.
  • UV damage has become a major concern today. Not only on your skin, but also on the interior of your home or business.
  • Curtains, clothes, furniture, carpet and hardwood floors are severely damaged from UV.
  • Our films can achieve up to 98% UV rejection & 78% total solar energy rejected.

Comparison of a UV damaged floor - one part protected, one part not protected

  • Remember, UV is not the only player in the fading of materials. Humidity and the age of the items also play a factor.
  • Homes, cottages and businesses now have a greater heat build up which increases cooling costs and uses more energy.
  • Our films can achieve up to 78% total solar heat rejection.
  • In the winter, solar films act as a barrier on the windows, slowing down the process of heat loss through the glass.

What Causes Fading:

What causes fading?  - Ultraviolet = 40%, Visible Light = 25%, Solar Heat = 25%, Misc = 10%

  • Remember, glass is a porous substance and films and laminates seal these pores to give the effect you desire, depending on the film chosen.
  • Reduce cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter.

Cooler in the summer - Solar films reject up to 76% of the sun's totall solar energy.  Air conditioners do not work as hard, making it more affordable for you to cool your home.  Damagain ultraviolet rays and solar heat are reduced.  Visible light gets through.


Warmer in the winter - Solar films are designed to reflect interior radiant heat, reducing heat loss through the glass.  This helps keep your home warmer in the winter which saves on heating costs.  Interior heat is reflected back into the room.  Heat loss through the glass is reduced.

  • No need to remove your current windows in order to get low-E effects.
  • Our solar films are a fraction of the cost of new low-E or tinted windows.
  • We just apply our films onto your existing glass. You can pick customized effects to the lighting you desire and choose the shades you wish.

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End result:

  • Reduce glare
  • Reduce heat
  • Reduce air-conditioning costs in summer
  • Reduce heating costs in winter
  • Reduce UV damage
  • Reduce costs of replacement of damaged fabrics or floors
  • Saved you $$$$$

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