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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Q.  I see a lot of cars with bubbling windows. Is this the same film that is applied to windows in buildings?

A Yes.

Unfortunately, many people are misled with poor quality films at very low prices.

There are many poor quality products on the market today and the companies are saying that their product is just like our high quality products. Next time you see a car with this poor quality film, if you can, ask the owner where they had it installed and find out what manufacture. This will give you an exact example of what your home or business will look like in 2 – 5 years. Another example, if your are sitting in a restaurant and it is very blurry to look out, the solar films are breaking down and need to be replaced.

If you don’t want this effect on your building, demand only the highest quality films available on the market, hassle free….Advanced Protection Product Films.

Q. Will the window film kill my house plants?

A. No. Plants will adjust to their new lighting.

Q. Do we have to change our windows in order to get UV protection?

A. No. All of our films give up to 98% UV rejection.

Q. Will the solar films completely stop the fading of the materials inside the windows?

A. No. There are many other factors that also contribute to fading. Aging of the materials, humidity and heat are just a few others.

Q. What does the warranty cover, and how long is the warranty period?

A. The warranty covers any defects that may occur within the film itself due to a break down of the materials used during manufacture. Such things as: peeling, cracking, yellowing, demetalizing and delaminating. Our warranty lifetime for the original owner, from the date of installation. The affected material will be replaced free of charge.

Q. Will dirt particles in the film affect the security of the film?

A. No. Any particles that are trapped between the film and the glass will not hinder the abilities of the film. This can occur despite the best attempt of the installer during the installation. The environment plays the key factors: leaky gaskets in frames, pet hairs, carpets, dust in air, air-ducts near window, wood frames and old frames.

Q. Will your films yellow or distort?

A. No. Many people have experienced yellowing because the products on the market up until now have been sub-standard with low warranties. Our products are made of the highest materials in North America today. The length of the warranty is directly linked with the quality and longevity of the product.

Commercial | Designer | Examples  |  FAQ | Residential | Solar Films

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