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 Snapper-XP - Digital Camera

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Bonica's Snapper-XP digital underwater camera is the latest entry into the growing marketplace for digital imaging. The innovative XP system * (stands for eXtra Protection) safeguards against moisture by having a completely water-tight silicone skin around the camera, much like a dry suit. While inside the Skin, it is an all-weather camera fit for any outdoor activities. The Skin protects the camera from rain, snow, sand and scratches. Put it inside the hard housing, it is ready for any submerged use. In case moisture gets inside the housing, the digital camera is fully protected. The huge 2.5" LCD makes viewing easy. With protection in and out of water, the Snapper-XP offers unmatched versatility in both worlds.

(* patent pending)

Highlights of the Snapper-XP Housing

  • made of tough, almost indestructible polycarbonate
  • rated to 180ft (55m)
  • 14 buttons allowing full control of the camera while underwater
  • tempered optical glass lens port
  • all hardware is 316 marine grade stainless steel or nickel-plated brass
  • maintenance-free silicone main seal
  • compatible with Macro and Close-Up Lens for the SeaKing II camera

 Available Options:

Red Handle Yellow Handle Titanium Handle Blue Handle
 Highlights of the Snapper Skin:
  • made of flexible silicone rubber
  • rated to 3ft (1m) by itself
  • allowing full control of the camera
  • tempered optical glass lens port at front
  • highly polished polycarbonate lens at back

Skin Color:  White, Yellow, Red, Blue

 Highlights of the Snapper S8 Digital Camera
  • Huge 2.5" LCD panel for clear viewing
  • high definition 3.2M pixel CMOS picture element, store pictures up to 8.0M pixel by interpolation technique
  • 4X digital zoom to reel in your subject
  • 16 mega-bytes of built-in memory for instant picture taking
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery includes charger for long life and cost savings
  • Secure Digital memory card slot to increase memory capacity up to 1GB
  • High quality Digital Video recording in MPEG4 format, 30 frames per second to capture in motion that once in a lifetime event (about 8MB per minute)
  • Plays MP3 music to keep you entertained during surface intervals, stereo earphones included
  • Warranted for one year

 The Multi Snapper
The most advanced underwater film camera available today, the Multi Snapper offers three unique features not available on any other camera - regardless of cost.

MacromaX Technology the patented lens system can take pictures from infinity down to an incredible 5in. (10cm) without add-on lenses

Outstanding Depth-of-field first ever, the Multi Snapper has an unheard of depth-of-field in macro mode that measures from 5 to 16in. (13 to 40cm)

GOALI Protection System another world's first, the Multi Snapper comes protected with the only system ever devised that will show you first, before diving, whether your camera is secure and protected against water leakage and flooding.

Consider the many outstanding features of this truly remarkable camera that offers razor sharp, high definition photographs that will impress the most critical professional.

Features & Specifications:  
  • Patented fully coated, all glass lens system - 3 elements in 3 groups
  • Electronic shutter control
  • 31mm, f/6.7, f/22, f/44 lens
  • Auto DX ISO 100, 200, & 400 film sensing
  • Auto shut-off prevents power wastage
  • Range indicator LEDs
  • Digital readout indicating flash mode & frame count
  • Regular 35mm film for superior pictures
  • Auto advance - motorized rewind
  • Maintenance free silicone O-ring
  • Accepts Neon Strobe, single or double configuration
  • Secure double locking enclosure
  • Lithium 3V CR-2 battery included
  • Hi-impact polycarbonate housing
  • Ergonomic design
  • Removable camera for land use
  • Built-in flash
  • Rated to 165ft depth (50m)(5atm)
The Multi Snapper has a true depth rating of 165ft (50m). The GOALI System (short for Ground Operated Advance Leakage Indicator) requires a unique hand operated vacuum pump (included with each camera) that purges the camera housing of air and causes a small silicone bellows to retract. This retraction indicates there is a vacuum lock - water is unable to leak in. The retracted bellows is your assurance the system is fully sealed. When the GOALI maintains a vacuum for at least 30 minutes it is safe to enter the water, otherwise a leak is present. If a leak is indicated it is then necessary to re-open the housing and carefully wipe the silicone O-ring and corresponding edge. A hair, grain of sand, or salt crystal can be responsible for the air leak. Every underwater camera will leak sometime, it's best to know before you dive.
 The SeaKing II
The NEW SeaKing II has the protection of the patented GOALI system, assuring that the camera is dynamically sealed before entering the water. Never again loose your camera due to flooding from an incomplete seal. The SeaKing II is a simple to use, fully automatic point & shot underwater camera with a depth rating of 150 ft. (50m).

The SeaKing II is the fun camera that offers the greatest reliability in its class. Simply pick your subject, aim, and press the large shutter release. It's that easy - and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the quality of your pictures. And, Bonica has designed an external magnetic reed switch to turn the camera on or off without opening the case.


Features & Specifications  
  • Protected by GOALI
  • Coated 3 element glass lens system
  • f/5.6 28mm lens, 125 sec. shutter speed
  • Auto DX, ISO 100, 200 & 400 film sensing
  • External on/off magnetic reed switch saves energy
  • Fully controllable flash including red eye reduction
  • Removable camera for land use
  • Motorized film advance
  • Auto rewind
  • Digital display indicating frame count & battery condition
  • Built-in flash with large viewfinder
  • Regular 35 mm film for superior pictures
  • Uses 2 AA alkaline batteries
  • Ergonomic design
  • Standard tripod mount to accept external strobe & accessories
  • Extra large internal view finder
  • Optimized shutter release location
  • Depth rating to 150ft (50m) (4.5atm)
 The Sea Explorer
The Sea Explorer is an automatic 35mm underwater camera that meets all the requirements of the serious diver, yet is surprisingly affordable. All functions are fully automatic - film speed sensing, film advance, rewind, flash control.

The Sea Explorer camera has all the quality features of a high-end point & shoot film camera including coated, all glass lens system comprising 3 elements. A digital readout displays frame count, battery condition and flash mode. A large internal viewfinder makes it easy to frame your subject and the 28mm focal length offers a panoramic picture not usually available on a point & shoot camera. Furthermore the Sea Explorer accepts the Neon Strobe and all Bonica accessories to give you expert versatility to make your pictures perfect. It has a depth rating of 130ft (40m).

Features & Specifications  
  • f/5.6 28mm lens, 125 sec. shutter speed
  • Auto DX. ISO 100, 200 & 400 film sensing
  • Auto advance
  • Auto rewind
  • Motorized rewind
  • Built-in auto flash
  • Hi-impact polycarbonate housing
  • Regular 35mm film for superior pictures
  • Low maintenance silicone O-rings
  • Standard tripod mount accepts Bonica's Neon Strobe and all film accessories
  • Uses 2 AA alkaline batteries
  • Rated to 130ft (40m) (3.9atm)

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